Catch Talent, Deliver Excellence

You can view Talem as a prodigious package. When you unravel the layers, you are able to access recruitment solutions for every corner of your business.

We are a multi-disciplined recruitment group based in the South West and our aim is to provide UK companies, as well as international traders, with a full 360-degree recruitment service, which draws upon contemporary talent search methods with tried and tested traditional recruitment process.

Inspired by services found in other metropolitan cities, but noticeably absent in the South West, Talem present the perfect opportunity for regional, national and international businesses to take advantage of our recruitment expertise, readily sourced through our specialist brand agencies. Although every recruitment agency has its very own specialism and identity, Talem’s culture, core values and high standard of customer care has been stamped right across the board – aptly represented by our brand’s tagline Catch Talent, Deliver Excellence.

We pride ourselves on our astute awareness of the industries we cater for. We also endorse modern techniques used to attract passive talent, but most importantly, the Talem ethos is to remain personable and transparent, to understand our customers and to execute a value proposition delivery which tackles the nucleus of our clients’ recruitment needs.