Talem Service Brands

Our recruiters are savvy insiders, having worked in the industries for which they recruit. They’ve walked in your shoes, so they understand the exciting, satisfying and challenging aspects of each job.

The Talem Group understand what makes industries unique, the local market dynamics and how each company and candidate is special. The Talem Group participates at key industry events and professional organisations, keeping up with the trends. They’re continually networking with industry leaders and rising stars, all so that they can be ready to connect exceptional talent with great brands.


Nationwide agency that specialises in recruitment solutions for three core sectors; logistics, IT and engineering.

Astra work tirelessly hard to maintain a fantastic reputation as a technical recruitment agency. In the past they have helped to plan, launch and manage assessment centre days to support large scale recruitment projects but remain equally well-rehearsed in sourcing illusive professionals for very niche positions.

Astra Recruitment's extensive talent bank containing hundreds of thousands of logistics, IT and engineering professionals sets a promising benchmark. However, combine this with the drive to attract off-market and undiscovered talent, and Astra’s clients are faced with an exciting proposition of securing that golden ticket to make their business thrive.


Nationwide agency that specialises in recruitment solutions for the commercial sectors. Mitrem have always had a very strong presence in the South West but transformed itself to confidently compete on the national stage, after securing a succession of successful recruitment partnerships with some of the UKs leading business names.

Mitrem are the commercial arm of Talem, concentrating on office-based and 'white-collar' employment. Although the commercial sector spans far and wide, Mitrem have delegated their team into defined areas of expertise, helping to ensure professional and valuable support is maintained. The brand has specialist consultants in sales and business development, customer service, HR, marketing, finance and accountancy.


International agency that specialises in recruitment solutions for businesses seeking senior, executive and director level professionals. Launched and managed by Talem’s business partner, Andrew Selwyn, the agency provides a value proposition for any company who is looking to implement excellence at the top.

Backed up by years of experience recruiting for senior level staff, Andrew Selwyn leads a tech savvy team of ‘talent hunters’ who not only have access to an extensive candidate database but also share an expertise in attracting ‘passive’ candidates through contemporary methods. Industries of interest include STEM (scientific, technology, engineering, mathematics), IT, digital, sales and marketing.


Regional agency that specialises in recruitment solutions for the care industry. Next Generation Care have a strong foothold in the Devon and Cornwall area, and have been supplying care and support workers to their local clients’ for a number of years.

What separates NGC from other competition is the fact that their specialist recruitment team have first-hand experience working in the care industry, meaning they understand the challenges faced, the standards which need to be met and find it easy to connect with the clients and candidates they support. Next Generation Care have built up a real community spirit and thrive off the family feel created by the care and health professionals registered with the agency.


Regional agency that specialises in recruitment solutions for the education sectors. Next Generation Education operate inside of the Devon and Cornwall area, and supply education and childcare professionals to clients within the region; these include teachers, teaching assistants, nursery assistants and SEND support workers.

Next Generation Education boasts an experienced team of recruiters, most of which have previously worked in education-led recruitment. They bring with them a passion and understanding of the sectors, as well as valuable contacts for NGE clients and candidates to take advantage of. There is a real satisfaction about the work the agency carries out, knowing they are contributing to the learning and development of the future generation is a responsibility that the group wears with pride.


National agency that specialises in recruitment solutions for the health and medical sectors. Global Talent Bank was created by business owner and Talem partner, Peter Guest, who has previous experience in sourcing, nurturing and placing overseas medical talent into the UK healthcare and medical industry.

Global Talent Bank look to alleviate the pressures placed upon native medical professionals by sourcing overseas and in-country workers to solve occupational shortfalls within the industry. Depending on the clients’ particular recruitment initiative, GTB promise to provide them with HPC registered, DBS and CRB checked medical staff; who are suitably qualified, well-motivated and ready to work in the UK. GTB specialise in the procurement of nurses, practitioners, radiographers, health professionals and paramedics.